Macsh by ShieldZilla

An innovative three-layered face mask integrating breakthrough technology from Switzerland that effectively protects you and your loved ones.

Why Macsh?

MACSH face masks are superior and stands out compared to other masks out there, disposable or fabric. 

Why not invest in quality and premium protection?

Unlike normal disposable masks, it is reusable.

Adjustable earloops for maximum comfort.

Made of three layers of tightly woven cotton which also includes antimicrobial property.

Keep your family safe.

Keep your loved ones safe and comfortable with our range of masks in sizes from S suited for Kids aged 4-7 years old all the way to standard Adult size.

What makes Macsh different?

Our Macsh product uses HeiQ Viroblock, a Swiss technology added to the fabric during the final stage of the manufacturing process.

HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03
- Antiviral textile technology

Kills Bacteria and destroys harmful viruses in MINUTES.
Prevents transmission and contamination of bacteria and viruses.

Uses HeiQ Viroblock's Vesicle technology as a booster, which effectively destroys harmful bacteria and viruses.