Helping People Live Better

At ShieldZilla Essentials, we strive with a conscience and aim to succeed with a soul. We believe that people should focus on healthy living to do more in life. We do that by introducing and distributing innovative and sustainable health essential products while making positive impact in people’s lives wherever we go in Asia Pacific. The Covid-19 pandemic drove a strong shift to focus on primary prevention to stop the spread of the infection. The need for primary prevention has risen regardless the nature of infection.

In parallel, the existence of aging populations and vulnerable people with chronic diseases mean that the demand for health essentials is important to safeguard their well-being. ShieldZilla Essentials sees significant value in integrated forms of health essentials, emphasizing on primary prevention by unlocking the power of innovative products while optimizing care delivery across the health field. We visualize health essentials as a field since it suggests the notion of continuous care as it is connected to people’s daily lives.