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Introducing ACLIV: Your Antimicrobial Surface Protector

ACLIV’s Antimicrobial Surface Protector is highly-effective in killing bacteria and viruses including COVID-19 by using silver as an active ingredient. It is known that frequently-touched surfaces like door handles, counter-tops, table-tops and even seats in public transport are vectors of viral and bacterial infections. You can reduce your risks with ACLIV antimicrobial protective films by applying them to practically almost every frequently-touched surfaces.

It’s Efficient!

The scientifically proven world leader in the films offering anti-virus and anti-bacteria effects: The world’s fastest virus & bacteria de-activation time. And tested against harmful microbial such as COVID-19, Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Klebsiella Pneumoniae and Salmonella Typhimurium.

ACLIV Antimicrobial Protective Film

High Standards

Tested against ISO 21702 for high-performing Antiviral and JISZ-2801 & ISO 22196 for antibacterial properties. This film is intended to be used in an environment where there is exposure to bacteria and viruses. ACLIV’s protective film is also certified by US FDA and it is also CE-Compliant.

It Works 24/7

ACLIV’s protective film kills 99.9% of influenza virus including H1N1 and COVID19 within 30 minutes of contact time. Exposed surfaces remain virus free when tested again at different intervals. It works, non-stop without additional intervention. Just apply it on your surface and you’re good to go!

Can Be Applied on Almost Any Surface

Whether you are running a hotel, restaurants, cafés, hospitals and even more, rest assure the ACLIV’s Antimicrobial Protective Film will meet your antimicrobial needs while making your customers feel safe as you make your antimicrobial effort more noticeable.

Tested and Certified

ACLIV antimicrobial film is an innovative science-based product, which is designed to destroy viruses and bacteria efficiently, scientifically proven to kill harmful viruses up to 99.9% including the human coronavirus (Covid-19) within 30 mins and bacteria up to 99.9% within 10 mins.